Hi, my name is Sifang Feng. I am a PhD student from Beijing Normal University (China). Currently, I am studying in Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ (Germany) as a Joint PhD student.

My research focuses on compound extreme events, which are the concurrent or consecutive occurrences of multiple hazards or events that lead to disastrous repercussions even though the individual hazards or/and events may not be extreme, particularly compound drought and hot events. Specifically, I study the characteristics (including frequency, duration, magnitude, and severity) and variations based on observation and climate models, agricultural impact, and drivers (like ENSO) of compound drought and hot events. Recently I was working on a typical spatially compounding event (i.e., concurrent crop failure at different regions) and compound drought and hot events in hydrological cycle. Please visit this page for a list of my publications.

I love my research. It’s always challenging, but it also gives me a lot of sense of accomplishment when I’m working hard to solve a tough problem. This drives me to constantly explore my potential. For me, the process of exploring scientific research is also a process of self-discovery, which is very interesting.

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